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We let our numbers speak for us!

Starting from a small manufacturing unit to collaborating with the world’s best brands, HautBrands has become a trusted eyewear manufacturer.

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Who are we?

Leading manufacturers of fashionable eyewear through the latest technology and highest quality.

As a leading private eyewear manufacturer, HautBrands has not only earned profit but also its reputation by delivering consistently value-added and quality products, along with helping our all clients develop the best seller eyewear. We are value-added producers of eyeglasses, as we provide services beyond quality to develop sustainable and good terms with our customers.

We produce modern-day eyewear that has the touch of old-style. They make a big-time noise!

We invest to strengthen our portfolio with the latest brands

Quality through inspections

With almost 12 years of eyewear industry experience, at HautBrands no effort is spared when it comes to the quality of our products. We follow production guidelines and around our 50 Quality Control technicians who conduct a rigorous multifold inspection development. We are serious about delivering eyewear with the highest quality for complete client satisfaction from discerning global customers.

Portfolio of Quality

HautBrands manages an eccentric portfolio of big brands which are just not in demand right now but will be forever. We keep aspiring for new business opportunities in both national and international markets for all-scale businesses through partnerships and licensing agreements with leading fashion or luxury brands. We attract our clients through our quality and portfolio.

Production Capacity

HautBrands has more than 1000 employees and various production lines in our 2 factories. We produce up to 20,000pcs including sunglasses and eyeglasses per day, a potential ability that our competitors find hard to match. Be it classic sunglasses or contemporary eyeglasses, get them here!

Innovative Team

Innovative At the main front of the industry, we rigorously promote the integrated product development management system to make market-oriented research and development through innovative systems. Our approximately 10 R&D engineers designed more than 100 new trendy designs every month.

Why HautBrands?


HautBrands eyewear is made keeping in mind the reputation of our clients, and with the aim to stand them out with style.

Comfortable Eyewear

HautBrands understands the sensitivity of the eyes. Therefore, each eyewear is created by keeping in mind the comfort and health of the eyes.

Our Journey

Mr. Akhil Malhautra the founder of HautBrands successfully carved potential clientele in and around India through his years of experience

How we work?

Social Responsibility

We strive to give back. Our manufacturing units are ecologically trusted. HautBrands eyewear meets all the guidelines ecologically and environmentally.

Our Factories

HautBrands operates 2 factories in India, that specializes in the production of men’s and women’s eyewear, including sunglasses and vision glasses. 


We have experience in manufacturing for national and international brands, therefore we always guarantee time and reliable delivery. 


HautBrands team is focused on craftsmanship and dedication. Our leaders have more than 15 years of experience in the eyewear production industry.


Product custom design

Get your choice of frame done with us!

Being in the eyewear industry for decades, we understand that how big brands are revolutionizing the fashion industry with their frames. As we know that just like us our clients are also very much into their customer satisfaction.

Just to give our clients satisfactory experience, HautBrands has come up with this feature of custom design. A company or brand can get its exclusive frames done through us. Whatever design they feel can do better we can produce with the given details. Get what you want because what you want is what our customers deserve. Be it a color, design, size, or material just provide the design and get the same. We deliver the satisfaction to get the satisfaction.


ORIGINAL DESGIN MANUFACTURER – We design and manufacture and eyewear as specified. 


ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURER –  We also are OEM for many eyewear 


HautBrands offers our clients the style that speaks.

Regardless of any season, one doesn’t really require a reason to show off a pair of stylish sunglasses. Available in an exclusive range and variety of styles, designs, and colors, sunglasses have established a huge market for themselves and are here to stay and live for a lasting time. Manufacture sunglasses through HautBrands and get exactly what you want. We assure you nothing but a quality sunglasses experience all around the world, we are there for you.


Each collection manufactured by us is the outcome of a comprehensive R&D, which blends passion, creativity, and innovation with the kind support of technology and skilled craftsmanship. We have a passion and welcoming attitude towards new ideas and trends, therefore we are also OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and ODMs (Original Design Manufacturer).

Time Dynamics

Since vision problem has become normal, many high-end brands have come up with stylish frames to make one look good. So gone are the days when a person with eyeglasses used to consider as a geek or oldie. Today, a pair of vision glasses can redefine your looks, completely. Still, we don’t offer you style, we get your style to you with the products that are the highest in quality, ease, and looks.

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Here you will find eyewear of the highest quality in the most stylish and trendy look. We strive and aim to do fruitful collaborations. In short, we are a company that produces to serve eyewear brands with the products they want.
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