Was there a time you wish to live, but because of being too young, or not even born, you could not? How about a popular flick actor, musician, character, or artist that made a long-lasting impact on you in terms of style? Whosoever they were, they definitely used to wear cool, and iconic eyewear. In the year 1920 eyewear producers started to look beyond uncomplicated function, first creating frames with keeping in mind the look and feel of them. You can begin to see trends that are still being worn these days.

Let’s revisit the time when vintage eyewear was invented year by year. 

The 1940s

Clear lines, easy curves, and extending hinges make Panto glasses a vintage classic design among glasses. They are oval or circular in style and flattened on the top. Nothing rich, and yet Panto style has a special something, a deep retro. 

The 1950s

Either you call them 1950s or cat-eye frames, the effect is still old yet fresh. An amazing design, self-promising femininity, and complete elegance define the frames. The model is also called the butterfly model, when it stepped into the fashion industry in the early 1950s, they were a hit.

The 1960s

The 1960s is an unique model, and one worn mostly by women, these oversized glasses live up to their identity. With their large size, the glasses practically become a mask, spreading past the cheekbones, along with covering the eyebrows and bestowing a dominant appearance on the face of one who wears them. 

For these years eyewear industry has been holding its known and famous position.